With the last entry I finished spinning an idea that I have been maturing for a while, which will be the reason for today's entry. A radical stance, being I pro-vaxer and pro-health system (the opposite being anti-vaxers and those who distrust the health system), would be that the health system and its staff refuse to serve those who make use of their democratic freedoms and simply the problem solves by itself.

The problem with this stance is that it is cruel, first of all, and goes against our Hippocratic oath in which we must preserve life (not mere existence) with all our efforts. The oath does not have parentheses or clauses, but extends to all human beings. Second, it is a myopic position because it starts from a position of power in which we would consider ourselves the owners of the truth and decide who will die or suffer because of our inaction. In a true democracy, its members reach agreements and do not impose our needs or perspectives on others, trusting that the other members make responsible use of their civil duties, not just rights.

Our society is like a puzzle and cannot be completed without ALL of its pieces. There are pieces that can fit in several places, but if they are placed in the wrong place, it is not possible to define well what is drawn in the entire puzzle. There are special pieces, such as the corners and edges, that help shape the puzzle and define its boundaries. There are many competencies: a scientific one, a spiritual one, a logistical one, a social one, a solidarity one, a political one ... and our piece occupies a different place in each puzzle.

Using this analogy, you cannot eliminate the pieces that do not suit you because the puzzle would never be completed and it is possible that a piece that seems unnecessary in one puzzle could be vital in another. However, while the pieces are all important, the puzzles are different. For me, an anti-vaxer may be unnecessary in a time of pandemic, but it can be an important piece in terms of human rights or technological advances. The important thing is to recognize our role in a certain puzzle.

The existence of health care personnel is for the maintenance of the concept of health and the treatment of diseases. We do not usually impose ourselves and our services are offered on a certain demand. On our own we could not carry the weight of society, because it is not a caste system or who is necessary or unnecessary. Our own needs are met by others who play an important role in their puzzle, while we not so much. So what would be wrong in this context is the propagation of positions that prevent us from exercising our role for the good of all, believing that another piece, another puzzle, can fit in a certain place in the sanitary puzzle in the same way that it would fit in another place.

If you are the one who shares sensational publications on social networks, without knowing exactly what you are propagating, if you are the one who considers at your own discretion that this or that thing is unnecessary in health without having the necessary evidence to support it, if you are the one who simply refuses to follow directions because you don't feel like it, simply put: you are part of the problem. Your piece wants to enter a place that does not belong in this puzzle. How would you perceive things if I wanted to do the same with my piece in your puzzle?

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