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After a long silence on our blog, I decided to reactivate it with a very personal entry for me. Since we started operations in 2008, I always had mrs. Rosy in mind because I knew always paid much attention to details and she was very responsible. In eleven years we have shared many adventures and misadventures, moments of great tension with ups and downs in the economy and the many challenges we faced.

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During the time that she was part of the team, not only did she take initiatives within the laboratory, but even in the hospital. I remember she took the Christmas decorations of the door very seriously, which I hated then and miss very much now, even going as far as espionage to exceed the expectations of the rest. She also organized with other assitants to raise funds for birthday celebrations, Christmas dinners, and other social events that boosted everyone's morale at the hospital.

The years were good and allowed us to share many good moments, which are now treasured memories. She even earned a day on our daily dating project many years ago. Her death, after a long battle, was not a surprise, but it did leave a void that was difficult to fill, if not impossible. In honor of her work and dedication, I want to share with everyone some photos of Rosa Beitia, while she was part of the laboratory. I hope that for those who knew her, this brings back good memories. We will never forget her, Rosy.

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