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What zombies didn't teach us for covid-19

July 27, 2021

When I left cable television a couple of years ago, sickened by the abusive commercial intrusion and annoying mass production of shows with exactly the same plot, I became preoccupied with the audience's insatiable appetite for shows and movies about post-apocalypse zombies and social disintegration scenarios.

Certainly many of us, at some point, have delighted in the idea of ​​leaving everything behind, seeking a new, simpler life and surviving with the use of our abilities. Sars-CoV-2 (covid-19) came along and we were cured of that idea of ​​remaining isolated, surviving in a devastated world.

It's curious that in movies, television shows and video games, the characters are motivated to find a cure, even risking their own lives for the welfare of humanity. At the time of writing this entry, many countries are in their third or fifth wave as a result of the delta variant, which, although the government of India denies it, originated in its territory after having declared its victory in the face of the pandemic.

We were not, and we are still not prepared for the pandemic and our lifestyle does not allow us to remain in quarantine to prevent the spread of the strains around the world. We all blamed China when the infections started and certainly, although its government denies it, the virus originated in Wuhan. Yet, instead of sacrificing ourselves for the good of humanity, we have whined about our individual adversities and our precious rights, ignoring situations that could put us at risk in the face of the next pandemic.

We continue to live in a way that does not allow us to isolate ourselves for two weeks, much less months or years, canned in dense cities without disaster supplies. We continue to invade wild territories to create human settlements, crops and fields for livestock, allowing the interaction of domestic animals and humans with wild animals and their viruses. We continue to deny the impact that our activity has on the atmosphere and the climate, addicted to fossil fuels and trinkets bought online.

I am concerned about the persistence of covid-19 deniers and anti-vaxxers among health personnel, the attrition of the scarce health personnel who have been dealing with this pandemic for almost 18 months and that their needs worldwide are not covered, and how much that other sectors of the economy take precedence over health policies in absolutely every country in the world.

If we weren't careful about these warning signs, we could soon be living our own post-apocalyptic scenarios of struggling to survive, yearning for a cure for a worse evil, and experiencing social degradation amid a hostile climate for humans.

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