Instruction for sample handling

  • Cytological and biopsy samples are biological material that can cause transmition of a significan number of infections in humans.

  • That's why we request that the samples be sent to us in at least two containers, that is, example given, the biopsy container inside a sealed plastic bag, to avoid spillage of the material and it's preservatives (or "fixatives").

  • If its a cytology slide (so called "pap smears"), ask your doctor to put it in a holder case that usually comes with the sample taking kit.

  • If it's a biopsy, we recommend the use of containers for clinical use with a screw cap, in order to avoid losing the sample (if it's very small) or spilling the preservative substances, also known as formalin, which is a potential carcinogen.

  • Every sample must be received correctly identified with the patient's data and with a request that contains the clinical information important for the diagnosis.

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