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Special Tests

We have a wide range of studies and special tests. We receive samples from all over the national territory, which places us as one of the best diagnostic laboratories in the country.

About us

Medical Diagnostics of Chiriqui is a pathology laboratory established in 2008. We process cell and tissue samples for in vitro diagnosis of inflammatory diseases and cancer. We manage little more than 6,000 specimens per year, from all over the country.
We are a team of ten people, dedicated full time to this work and the only private lab in the country with they're own research studies and publications.
We're located in office #35, on the fifth floor of the new tower in Hospital Chiriqui, 3rd W Ave and Central St, Doleguita, city of David, province of Chiriqui.

Our Facilities

Why they prefer us

Ten yerars ago we introduced the inmmunohistochemistry technique for typifying lymphomas and breast cancer, the firsts in the country side to do so.
Currently we manage and average of six thousand specimens per year. We're able to process conventional biopsies and pap smears and we're tje only private laboratory nationwide with a quality control program for conventional preparations of cervical-vaginal cytologies.

Last Generation Equipment

Instruction for sample handling

Preparation recommendations for your clinical laboratory examination. If you have any questions, ask our staff on the phone: +507 774-0128 EXT. 3089

Understanding your report

Our reports are designes to be easy to read, with sections that allow the identification os the entire process on a single page. Since we began operations, our nomenclature identifies the cases per year, followed by a five-digit case number.

Samples of our work

We have 10 years of experience in the processing and diagnosis of cell and tissue specimens, with the best quality throughout the province of Chiriqui.

Our Blog

No evil lasts a hundred years.


With the recent events we've experienced in Panama, a saying came to mind, "The storm always passes", which is a "gringo" saying. The Panamanian version is: "There is no evil that lasts a hundred years (nor a body that can withstand it)." I certainly like the second version better because it's more colloquial.


Welcome or welcome back. In the first episode of the podcast, going way out of my comfort zone, I mentioned why I had studied pathology: how I ended up in this thing that I love. I talked about Dr. Sardi, who's the one I owe this to, and from there I didn't talk about anyone else. I certainly had wonderful


Here in Panama there is the concept of the three B's (for “bueno, bonito and barato” in Spanish, translated to “good, pretty and cheap”) to encompass everything that is ideal about a product or service: Good, pretty and cheap. Although ideal, I do not think they are probable expectations, and in practice

Non negamus ignem


I must confess something sinful that I am not proud of at all.  I know that by confessing this I am insulting other organizations that have done their best to formalize their structures and that's terribly unfair, and it even makes me a hypocrite.  To try to cushion that blow, I will share


After babling a bit about movies, I've decided to land on practical things, such as where to begin when you want to start a business? What advice do I have to share with the new generations after fifteen years operating?First of all, I'm not going to give advice on how to become a millionaire based on


Welcome or welcome back. For this second podcast entry, I've thought long and hard about what initially motivated the lab's blog and the power stories have to motivate us.I believe that the most powerful force that we humans have is our emotions. There are really no such things as good or bad emotions,

China v US


This pandemic has been very revealing in many respects. The weaknesses of all health care systems were exposed; the limits of human and material resources were tested over and over again with each wave; the different styles of governance demonstrated their strengths and weaknesses. In today's post we


According to international organizations, between 62 and 64% of Panamanian adults are overweight and 27% are obese. The situation is worse in women than in men, and the situation in children and adolescents is not promising. With obesity, there's the increased risk of suffering from non-infectious /


When I left cable television a couple of years ago, sickened by the abusive commercial intrusion and annoying mass production of shows with exactly the same plot, I became preoccupied with the audience's insatiable appetite for shows and movies about post-apocalypse zombies and social disintegration