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Special Tests

We have a wide range of studies and special tests. We receive samples from all over the national territory, which places us as one of the best diagnostic laboratories in the country.

About us

Medical Diagnostics of Chiriqui is a pathology laboratory established in 2008. We process cell and tissue samples for in vitro diagnosis of inflammatory diseases and cancer. We manage little more than 6,000 specimens per year, from all over the country.
We are a team of ten people, dedicated full time to this work and the only private lab in the country with they're own research studies and publications.
We're located in office #35, on the fifth floor of the new tower in Hospital Chiriqui, 3rd W Ave and Central St, Doleguita, city of David, province of Chiriqui.

Our Facilities

Why they prefer us

Ten yerars ago we introduced the inmmunohistochemistry technique for typifying lymphomas and breast cancer, the firsts in the country side to do so.
Currently we manage and average of six thousand specimens per year. We're able to process conventional biopsies and pap smears and we're tje only private laboratory nationwide with a quality control program for conventional preparations of cervical-vaginal cytologies.

Last Generation Equipment

Instruction for sample handling

Preparation recommendations for your clinical laboratory examination. If you have any questions, ask our staff on the phone: +507 774-0128 EXT. 3089

Understanding your report

Our reports are designes to be easy to read, with sections that allow the identification os the entire process on a single page. Since we began operations, our nomenclature identifies the cases per year, followed by a five-digit case number.

Samples of our work

We have 10 years of experience in the processing and diagnosis of cell and tissue specimens, with the best quality throughout the province of Chiriqui.

Our Blog

What zombies didn't teach us for covid-19


When I left cable television a couple of years ago, sickened by the abusive commercial intrusion and annoying mass production of shows with exactly the same plot, I became preoccupied with the audience's insatiable appetite for shows and movies about post-apocalypse zombies and social disintegration


In his 1993 book, "Japanese Manufacturing Techniques," Richard J. Schonberger addresses within "just-in-time" production the concepts of muri (excess), muda (waste) and mura (irregularity) as one of the principles for a quality control oriented to the worker and not to some clerk in a refrigerated office.You


When we started this laboratory, like anyone in our province or in the country who decides to start a health care enterprise, we adapted to the market by finding a variety of products of very different qualities, very inconsistent and adapted for other conditions. Clear examples were formalin for biopsy

False expectations


In a moment of leisure I came across the new trendy medical drama series, New Amsterdam, and began to think about the expectations that current medical dramas, such as Gray's Anatomy and House MD, have placed on the shoulders of healthcare personnel, in particular physicians, on the one hand, and the


When we started this laboratory, as the person in charge of everything, I felt a tremendous uncertainty because I was entering a world for which neither undergraduate and graduate studies prepared me. Had I been less impulsive, I would have taken a course that told me exactly what to do, approved by


Being a pathology lab, I've thought it wise to put the tabloid themes of flat Earthers and anti-vaxers aside to explain a bit about our role in the grand scheme of health care in this blog post.We are not a clinical laboratoryLaboratories are not all the same and our roles complement each other, but

The next epidemic


The reason for the existence of this blog is the education of our community, with publications that are critical, not complacent, and that in theory encourage the discussion of certain topics related to health care for the growth of all. Let's start this post with one fact and one speculation.Fact: In


With the last entry I finished spinning an idea that I have been maturing for a while, which will be the reason for today's entry. A radical stance, being I pro-vaxer and pro-health system (the opposite being anti-vaxers and those who distrust the health system), would be that the health system and its


I thought, in mid-2020, that with all this pandemic anti-vaxing groups on social networks would finally end, a subculture that disturbs me in a way that I cannot explain in words. Perhaps what disturbs me the most is that I agree with the concept of not introducing foreign or potentially harmful materials

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+507 774-0128 EXT. 3089